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A Man for All Seasons By Robert Bolt Background King Henry VII’s eldest son Arthur was to become king and marry the Spanish princess Catherine. Sadly, Arthur died. Spain and England still wanted the connection, but Christian law forbade a man to marry his brother’s wife. However, the Pope gave a dispensation and allowed the marriage between Catherine and Arthur’s brother, King Henry VIII to take place. Henry later became tired of Catherine and wanted a divorce (mainly because he had no son and she was barren), but divorce was against the Church also. The Pope refused to allow the divorce, so King Henry ended up breaking away from the Catholic Church and established himself and head of the Church of England. He dismissed his adviser, Cardinal Wolsey who before dying had named More as Lord Chancellor. Rober Bolt was born in 1924 in England. He served in the Royal Air Force in World War II and worked as a schoolteacher until 1958. Bolt wrote the novel because thinks it is important to understand the conflicts between human beings. Bolt wrote A Man for All Seasons in 1960 and made it to the stage in London and New York in 1961. Setting The novel is set during the Renaissance and King Henry’s rein (from about 1529- 1535). Most of the story takes place in Thomas More’s home. The setting at the end of the novel is in King Henry’s court. The setting is mostly a backdrop setting because it did not play a large part in the plot, and because this piece is a play. Characters Thomas More A father, husband, lawyer, and eventually Chancellor (not to mention the protagonist of the novel). It does not seem like More likes being a public figure all the time. He advises Richard to be a teacher so he can have a quiet life and reminds Richard that he was commanded into office (6). More adds humor through his sarcasm, like when dealing with his friend Rich in the beginning of the story. More says to Rich, “Oh. For a moment I thought you were being profound (4).” More is a friend of King Henry, though he, privately, does not approve of his actions. When asked about his opinion of the divorce, More refuses to answer. People like Chapyus and Cromwell try and get information about his opinion through the steward. When More goes to visit Wolsey, they discuss matters of the king. Wolsey says to More: “The King wants a son; what are you going to do about it?” More: “I’m very sure the King needs no advice from me on what to do about it.”
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Wolsey: “Thomas, we’re alone. I give you my word. There’s no one here…Do you favor a change in dynasty Sir Thomas? Thomas? D’ you think two Tudors is sufficient?. .. The King needs a son; I repeat, what are you going to do about it?” More: I pray for it daily (12). More and Wolsey then discuss matters of Anne Boleyn and the need for an heir
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AMANplaylog - A Man for All Seasons By Robert Bolt...

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