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Definition: An area with little/no vegetation Characterised by aridity (low rainfall and high evaporation usually <250mm p.a.) 1/3 of the world surface is desert Location of Deserts Location Reason On the Western sides of continents Cold ocean currents exist off the Western sides of continents. Winds blowing over these currents lose their moisture over the sea and are dry by the time they get to sea. In the interior of continents Winds blowing over continents are dry by the time they get to the interior of continents. The leeward side of tall mountains Moisture carrying winds are blocked by the side (windward side) of tall mountains. The other side (leeward side) is consequently dry, and deserts may be formed there.
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Unformatted text preview: Depressions/basins in the interior of continents The surrounding highlands around depressions/basins cause a rainshadow effect leaving the depression dry. Agents of Earth Sculpture in Deserts The main agents are wind and water. The Action of Wind in Deserts Wind is the most important agent of denudation and deposition in deserts. The actions of wind in deserts are known as Aeolian processes. Wind Transport Involves the following processes: 1. Suspension: The movement of particles held up by river turbulence. 2. Saltation: The bouncing of particles on the bed of the river 3. Surface Creep: When particles carried through saltation dislodge and push others forward....
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