Landforms of Glaciation

Landforms of Glaciation - the U shaped valley and separated...

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Landforms of Glaciation Landforms of Glaciated Highlands 1. Cirques: Steep sided rock basins semi-circular in plan. Could develop into corrie lakes called Tarns . 2. Aretes: Steep sided knife edged ridge separating two cirques. 3. Pyramidal Peak: Jagged peak formed by the steepening of the back walls of several cirques on the sides of a mountain. Also called horns . 4. U-Shaped Valley: A broad flat-bottomed steep-sided valley with a U shape. Also called a glacial trough. 5. Fjord: A deep narrow arm of the sea with steep sided parallel walls. 6. Hanging Valley: A tributary of a U-Shaped Valley ending abruptly high above the floor of
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Unformatted text preview: the U shaped valley and separated from it by an almost vertical slope. Landforms of Glaciated Lowlands Erosional Landforms 1. Rouche Moutonee: An outcrop of resistant rock smoothed by ice on the upstream into a gentle slope and plucked on the downstream end to give a steep jagged edge. 2. Crag and Tail: A knob of resistant rock (crag) which protects a weaker rock (tail) from ice erosion on the downstream slope. 3. Ice-Eroded Plain: An extensive area once covered by an ice sheet which smoothed off the original landforms to give a rounded topography....
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  • Fall '09
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