River Deposition

River Deposition - • The junction of 2 streams is called...

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River Deposition Deposition takes place when a river has insufficient energy to transport its load. It takes place at all stages of a river. Larger particles are deposited first. Deposition is greatest in the lower course of a river. It is also greater during floods. Deposition will occur when the speed of a river is reduced. This may happen in: o areas with a sudden increase in gradient o the inside of meanders o places where the river enters a sea/lake. The Development of a River Transport System Surface run-off forms small streams. These streams join together to form larger streams. These largers streams join to form a river.
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Unformatted text preview: • The junction of 2 streams is called the confluence . When a smaller flow joins a larger flow it's called a tributary . The Long Profile of a River Youthful Stage-Upper Course Mature Stage-Middle Course Old Stage-Lower Course • Vertical and headward erosion • Gorges • Potholes • Plunge pools • Waterfalls • Rapids • Vertical and lateral erosion • Meanders • River Cliffs • Interlocking spurs • Bluffs • River capture • Deposition • Flood plains • Ox-bow lakes • Levees • Deltas • Raised Banks • Rejuvenation • Braided River • Deferred tributaries...
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