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The  wet-dry tropical climate  is characterized by:  a warm climate but with a more marked temperature range.  during the high sun season, proximity to the ITC brings heavy rains.  during the cooler period, the subtropical high pressure cell produces very dry  conditions.  vegetation adapts to the seasonality of rainfall and is described as rain-green as  it enters a dormant period during the dry season and leafs out and blooms in the  rainy season.  dramatic variations in rainfall are reflected in streamflow which varies from very 
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Unformatted text preview: low flows to flood-like conditions. • agriculture experiences periodic drought. The dry tropical climate : • is dominated by the subtropical high-pressure cell. • experiences very low precipitation and intense daytime heating under predominantly clear skies. • includes many of the world's great deserts. • semi-arid areas on the edges of the desert may have a short wet season. These steppe areas are transitional from the desert to the wet-dry tropical climate....
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