Urban Morphology

Urban Morphology - The CBD is the central most accessible...

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Urban Morphology This is the distribution of different functions in a city The Bid-rent Theory The Bid Rent Theory suggests different functions will bid differently for land in various parts of the city. It suggests the more accessible the site of land, the higher is its value. Bid Rent Theory Diagram Factors Influencing Land Values 1. Proximity to a secondary shopping center. 2. Local Site Characteristics 3. Government Policy 4. Security Functional Zones Within a City
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Unformatted text preview: The CBD is the central, most accessible, most expensive part of a city The Inner City is the area immediately surrounding the CBD. It has adverse social and economic conditions The Industrial Zone The Residential Zones. These are divided in 3 groups: 1. Low Income: 1st generation immigrants and poorer groups. 2. Middle Income: 2nd generation immigrants, and wealthier groups. 3. High Class Residential: The wealthiest groups...
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