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AGN without black holes? Occam's Razor has driven many people to conceive alternate schemes for AGN energy production, though most end up no less extreme than a massive black hole. Attention has recently focussed on the aftermath of a violent starburst, when some stars become extreme WR objects with effective temperatures near 10 5 K (sound familiar?). Terlevich and Melnick (1985 MNRAS 213, 841) have presented a picture where these so-called "Warmers" mimic a power- law spectrum and therefore match the ionization level seen in AGN. They suggest a sequence starburst - Sy 1 - Sy 2 as the supernovae drive broad line emission and die away. Filippenko has in fact found one supernova that looked for a time much like a Sy 1 nucleus, with narrow forbidden lines and broad Balmer and Fe II emission. This picture has trouble with jets and rapid variability, but is a useful reminder of why theories were driven to massive objects in the first place. In a similar vein, Condon has recently argued that some quasars are intense starbursts confined
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