From the magnitude 2

From the magnitude 2 - There is less agreement among models...

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There is less agreement among models about the exact nucleosynthetic yield and abundance pattern of the material returned to the intergalactic gas by the final explosions of these stars, largely driven by the considerable differences in supernova machanism with mass and the strong senstivity of the outcome to details of envelope ejection (the so-called mass cut, the point in a stellar envelope beyond which all the material is taken to escape the compact remnant, which probably has to be properly treated as more than a single cutoff value). Broadly, tens of solar masses of ejected material can be released from such an explosion. Details depend strongly on the mass distribution of the stars, both in the nucleosynthesis and because they may undergo different kinds of supernova explosion at different masses. Such exotic mechanisms as pair- production instability or reverse nucleosynthesis can drive core collapse in various mass ranges. The most massive stars, above about 260 solar masses, may swallow their entire masses into black holes rather than produce supernovae. In contrast, the pair-production collapse occurs for masses 140-260 solar masses, resulting in intense nuclear burning and completely disrupting the star (Heger and Woosley 2002 ApJ 567, 532). The relative amounts of heavy elements they produce, and expel to the surrounding medium, can depend strongly on the stars' mass distribution. Since they occurred singly rather than in clusters, and are individually short-lived, detection of these stars during their normal lifespans will be beyond our means for some time. However, their supernova outbursts may be an order of magnitude more luminous than the type Ia supernovae
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From the magnitude 2 - There is less agreement among models...

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