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Large-Scale Structure de Vaucouleurs long argued for the physical reality of a flattened distribution of nearby galaxies centered on the traditional Virgo cluster, extending well past our distance from the center - the Local or Virgo Supercluster, extent 50+ Mpc. Its reality now seems established on dynamical as well as density grounds. At larger distances, galaxy counts by themselves suggested that clusters sometimes group into superclusters or "clouds": as shown by Shane and Wirtanen (1954 AJ 59, 285, courtesy of the AAS),
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Unformatted text preview: These same data were reanalyzed by Seldner et al 1977 (AJ 82, 249) to produce the higher-resolution gray-scale map familiar from poster use (but which scanned so poorly for the ADS that most of the structure disappeared). The evidence for superclusters was reviewed by Oort 1983 (ARA&A 21, 373). One revealing way to see them is a set of sky maps sliced by redshift interval - see, for example, the ones in Fairall, Large-Scale Structures in the Universe (Wiley-Praxis 1997)....
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