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Pictures of galaxies: Hubble Atlas of Galaxies, Sandage 1961, Carnegie Inst. of Washington. Basic reference for the Hubble classification scheme. Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, Arp 1966, Caltech, Pasadena (also in reduced size in ApJSuppl 14,1). Picked for bizarre appearance - interacting systems, plumes, dust lanes, twisted arms. Very deep Palomar photographs. Scanned images of high quality are available from NED. The photographic plates for the Atlas and the care of their preparation for publication represented a high point in the photography of galaxies. Atlas and Catalog of Interacting Galaxies (Atlas i katalog vzaimodeistvuyuschikh galaktik), Vorontsov-Velyaminov, Shternberg Institute (1959, part 1) and A& A Suppl 28,1 (1977, part 2). 355 and 500 systems, respectively, identified by sequential VV numbers. More extensive than the Arp atlas, illustrated from the PSS, includes many probably non-interacting systems such as clumpy irregular galaxies. Very idiosyncratic arrangement and interpretation. Once again, NED
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