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Structural Compon Structural Components of Galaxies Several morphologically (and sometimes kinematically) distinct components emerge from the images of galaxies: for disk galaxies, these may include nucleus, bulge, lens, and disk. The disk may itself contain arms, a bar, rings, and other embellishments. The relative roles of these in some cases change with Hubble type. Some of these (i.e. disk-bulge luminosity ratio) were discussed by de Vaucouleurs (1977, Yale Conf. p. 43) under the rubric of "quantitative classification". Photometric Bulge and Disk Components: For S0 and spiral galaxies, we may broadly consider a disk and a central bulge. The disk is quite thin both in stars and gas (when present), with aspect ratio 10 or greater (beware photographic and visual effects in getting such numbers from pictures, however - the "real" axial ratio seldom exceeds 6). The bulge is more nearly spherical, though it is sometimes found to be a (triaxial) ellipsoid like a very stubby bar. A "classical" approach to separating the bulge and disk
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