The Sky and our Solar System

The Sky and our Solar System - Object Distance[km 55 mph...

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The Sky and our Solar System “There are only two worthwhile professions: medicine and astronomy. Medicine, because you are sure to help someone, and astronomy, because you are sure you won’t hurt anyone.” -Aldous Huxley Astronomy concerns things that are too large to imagine too far to fathom too old to comprehend, and too small to see The Universe is a BIG Place One Way Travel Time
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Unformatted text preview: Object Distance [km] 55 mph 100,000 mph LIGHT * Moon 384,000 174 d 2.4 hr 1.25 s Venus 42,000,000 54.5 yr 11 d 2.33 min Sun 150,000,000 193 yr 2 months 8.33 min Pluto 6,000,000,000 7,800 yr 4.25 yr 5.25 hr ! Centauri 40,000,000,000,000 30,000 yr 4.25 yr Nearest star to the Sun * speed of light =!300,000 km/s ! 677,000,000 mph ! 6.77 x 10 8 mph !...
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