Augustus and his times

Augustus and his - Augusteid b Roman Odyssey-Iliad c a complex epic about a complex subject inversion of traditional heroism Aeneas first

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Augustus and his times; Vergil's Aeneid I. Augustan art and architecture - a new synthesis a. simplicity of form; moral dimension (vs. previous architectural excesses, e.g., Sulla's Temple of Fortuna at Praeneste ) b. complexity of associations and references; "image to reflect on" c. buildings: Temple of Divus Julius ; Forum of Augustus (Temple of Mars the Avenger); Pont du Gard (aqueduct); Maison Carrée (Temple in Nimes, France); Circus Maximus d. The Ara Pacis (Altar of Augustan Peace; 13-9 B.C.): how to represent the variety and totality of the Pax Augusta ; complexity, associative pictorial program e. The Augustus Statue from Prima Porta : Mars, Caelus (Sky God), Apollo, Diana, Mother Earth (Tellus), cornucopia II. The uniqueness of Rome's "national epic" - Vergil's Aeneid ; difficulty of conventional appreciation a. purpose; not an
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Unformatted text preview: Augusteid b. Roman Odyssey-Iliad c. a complex epic about a complex subject; inversion of traditional heroism: Aeneas' first appearance (pp. 6-7) d. the Roman aspect: social responsibility ( pietas ) III. The Aeneid as a product of its times: achievement and its cost Key line: "So hard and huge a task it was to found the Roman people (1.49; p. 4) short translation: "No pain, no gain." a. the ideal of Venus and Jupiter's prophecy (pp. 11-14); Antenor armaque fixit Troia, nunc placida compostus pace quiescit (lines 248-49 in LATIN! = lines 337-38 in transl.) b. the end of the epic (p. 402); Turnus c. death of the young: Marcellus in Book 6 (pp. 190-91); also (for you to look at): Nisus and Euryalus in Book 9 (pp. 265-76); Pallas (pp. 309-12), Lausus and Mezentius (pp. 323-25) in Book 10...
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