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FOREIGN AND NATIVE: ROMAN RELIGION (cont'd) and ROMAN COMEDY First things first: Roman religion - the mystery cults (from Lect. 6) ; click here I. The setting of Roman comedy a. festivals; the festive spirit; Saturnalia ( ancient and modern ) b. commercialism; sponsorship; effect on plots; the competition c. comedy as inversion of reality: clever Greek slaves; braggart soldiers; old and young folks; mistaken identities d. the theater buildings; Greece (Epidauros); orchestra, skene ; Images 1-9 Rome (Theater of Pompey - 1st cent.); scaenae frons ; Images10-19 II. The mix of Greek and Roman a. Greek comedy of the Hellenistic period (after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 B.C.);
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Unformatted text preview: domestic comedy b. Roman elements 1. satura ; musical 2. stock characters (cf. sitcoms) 3. mime III. Terence (c. 190-159 B.C.) - we'll discuss this next time. Please read The Brothers in the Course Packet and bring the Course Packet to class Feb. 10. a. Mr. Multicultural (Terentius Afer from Carthage); "I am human and believe that nothing human is alien to me" b. The Brothers : characters and issues; Micio/Demea -- Aeschinus/Ctesipho; Dr. Spock vs. Tiger Mom ; Demea's "conversion"...
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