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MITHRAS AND ISIS; FROM THE PRINCIPATE TO THE DOMINATE From Lecture 19: Another voice about conditions in Rome Juvenal, Satire 3 (Course Packet 179-189) I. Mithraism A. historical development; Zarathustra , Ahura Mazda and Ahriman; dualism B. the myth of Mithras; December 25; Sol C. Rome and the soldiers; 7 grades of initiation D. cult; sacramentum , taurobolium ;"baptism" E. shrines; symbolism: Cautes, Cautopates F. the revisionist view; VFW rather than religion G. strengths and weaknesses II. A goddess for all seasons: Isis, the panthea Osiris, Set; "Anubis" and the perils of Paulina ; gentle companion to Cult of Roman emperor Interlude: Isis on
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Unformatted text preview: youtube and ISIs.Inc. III. The Dynasty from Africa: the Severi (A.D. 193-235): A. Septimius Severus (A.D. 193-211) B. Caracalla and his Edict on Citizenship (A.D. 212) C. Elagabalus , Julia Domna , Julia Maesa IV. The Age of the Soldier Emperors (a.k.a. Barracks Period): A.D. 235-284 a. everybody's turn: 26 emperors b. separatist movements: Gaul; Queen Zenobia of Palmyra c. more rigid class structure: honestiores , humiliores V. Restabilization: Diocletian and the Dominate (A.D. 284-305); dominus, dominatrix a. tetrarchy: 2 Augusti and 2 Caesars b. streamlining of the empire ; provinces and dioceses...
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