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Vergil's Aeneid cont'd; ROMAN WOMEN Vergil's Aeneid - The Main Characters Dido (cont'd) a. role reversal: Aeneas meets Dido again in the underworld (pp. 175-176) b. her tragedy; how defined Turnus a. the Allecto episode (pp. 210-213) b. his character, motivation, and demonism (pp. 261, 287, 369) c. his tragedy; final simile on p. 401 Aeneas' heroism a. no return to the past; Disneyland Troy of Helenus and Andromache (pp. 76-83) b. depth of feelings and self-control (pp. 111-112) -- too much of a good thing (pp. 175-6)? c. rage, arms, and the man (esp. Book 10); no St. Aeneas d. Social responsibility ( pietas ): real men give more than they take One more key theme: Order vs. mad disorder Example: first section of Book 1 (1.1-398) 1. divine: Juno and the winds of Aeolus (pp. 5-6); Neptune 2. historical/political: the first simile (pp. 8-9) 3. mythological/ personal: Aeneas (p. 10) ROMAN WOMEN I. Legal vs. social status ( ius vs. mos ); e-man-cipation; tutor, auctoritas and potestas
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