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Unformatted text preview: "Facebook Use Can Lower Grades by 20% Study Says" Read the Article Choney, Suzanne . "Facebook Use Can Lower Grades by 20% Study Says." . (2011): n. page. Web. 7 Nov. 2011. < nce- tech_and_gadgets/t/facebook-use-can-lower-grades-percent- study-says/>. Summary: Choney writes about a study that shows that students that are on Facebook while studying or doing homework wind up getting 20% lower grades than those who do not. Studies found that amongst college students Facebook users had an average GPA of 3.06 and non-Facebook users had an average GPA of 3.82. Choney also touches on the fact that multitasking take up more time than doing the tasks individually. Choney discusses how Facebook takes up a lot of time and energy. It talks about how young people today are frequent multi-taskers and Facebook, email and instant...
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