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MacLean Elder reading guide-1 - 6 Why is it a problem to...

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MacLean, Alair, and Elder, Glen H., Jr. 2007. “Military Service in the Life Course.” Annual Review of Sociology 33:175-96. **READ pages 175-8 (stop at “Military Service, the Life Course, and Crime”) and 186-7 1. How does the research reviewed incorporate an attention to socio-historical context? 2. What types of outcomes have researchers studied in trying to understand the impact of military service on individuals’ lives? 3. How is military service shaped by human agency? 4. How does the timing of military service affect individual outcomes? 5. How do linked lives matter in the consequences of combat experience?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Why is it a problem to conclude that military service improves earnings from data showing that veterans earn more than nonveterans? 7. Was military service associated with higher earnings for white male veterans of the Vietnam War (compared to nonveterans)? 8. What do most studies find regarding the relationship between combat exposure (in particular) and socio-economic attainment? 9. What are some of the positive effects of military service on socioeconomic attainment that have been found in research?...
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