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I read the story about the children from Madagascar, mainly because their picture made them look so tiny and cute. They used the laptops to learn how to use a computer and in their everyday class life. They use the speaking application to learn to speak a new language which then shows the words in what ever language in the screen and it speaks back to them. I think that is so cool, it reminds me of some of what we talked bout with Chris in class last week with video taping, but this is voice recording (I guess…). I would use technology in the classroom to help students be more interactive much like they did in this story. I like that it shows the students getting specific tasks to do on the laptops,
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Unformatted text preview: which gives less motivation to become distracted. I think that program OLPC is a great idea, I wish that more schools in the United States had it for that young of children. I feel giving laptops to these young children does what Chris said, it allows them to take control of their own learning and makes it less likely for one to become easily distracted when they get older. Starting at a young age also teaches them the responsibility and the proper way to use and maintain a laptop right away which will probably allow them to have an easier time with technology in the future....
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