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Unformatted text preview: Mathematics and Science Partnership Program Partnership Grant Workshop Grade K-6 Science Initiative Grade 6-12 Mathematics Initiative 10:00 am 10:00 Federal Programs Discretionary Grants Discretionary Craig Rector, Director Renee Hasty, Admin. Assist. Curriculum Services Curriculum Shaun Bates – Science Cindy Bryant - Mathematics What You Should Send To Us Send The original and four copies of the Math The original and/or Science RFP postmarked by December 31, 2007. December Attachments are permitted only as specified Attachments in the RFP. Use the space provided on the forms. forms. Narrative must be typed, confined to space provided, and restricted to 10-12 pt. font size. Excluding the Appendix, the application shall not exceed 20 pages not Materials you will need Materials K-6 Science and/or 6-12 Math Initiative RFP Guidance Federal Legislation RFP Instructions RFP Form Evaluation Criteria Show Me Standards for Math & Science Curriculum Frameworks & GLEs Materials you will need can be found at the Federal Discretionary Grants Web Page Grants http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/fedprog/ http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/fedprog/ discretionarygrants/Math&Science/ index.html Fax: 573/526-6698 How many grants can my district submit? submit? As many as you want, however, the district As must have the capacity to implement the grants awarded grants Each proposal must be submitted as a Each separate RFP on the correct form separate Program Purpose Program Increase student academic achievement and Increase the number of students who succeed in higher-level courses in mathematics and science and who are admitted to and retained in university mathematics and science and engineering programs engineering Increase the number of highly-qualified Increase mathematics and science teachers mathematics Program Purpose Program Develop a professional development model Develop that can be replicated within the state Improve and expand teacher training through the use of research-based professional development, including the use of lesson study and mentor/coach models study Build capacity by creating a cadre of highly Build qualified teacher-leaders qualified Implement professional development and Implement curriculum activities that are relevant and authentic for both teachers and students authentic Program Purpose Program Make connections across disciplines and Make schools of education Improve and expand instruction through greater use of effective teaching methods, such as the training in modeling methodology, and the effective integration of inquiry, technology, and data technology, Design and implement a rigorous, standardsbased curriculum Program Funding Program $500,000 per grant per year for a total of 3 $500,000 years, assuming continued funding and satisfactory progress is made satisfactory At least one proposal will be awarded in each At of three categories; of – – – K-5 Science 6-12 Mathematics 6-12 SIOP We anticipate that a total of 7 grants may be We awarded awarded Applications must be of high quality to be Applications awarded awarded Partnerships Partnerships Must Include – A high-need local educational agency – A LEA will Serve as Fiscal Agent, – Engineering, Mathematics or Science Engineering, departments from higher education departments – If present at the institution of higher If education, the content teacher training department department Partnerships Partnerships May also include ( highly encouraged) – Other engineering, mathematics, or science Other departments departments – Additional local educational agencies – RPDC – Businesses – Non-profit or For-profit that has Non-profit demonstrated effectiveness in improving math and science instruction math DESE Collaborations DESE Work regularly with DESE content consultants Work to coordinate activities with grade-level expectations, state assessments, and model curriculum curriculum Present findings at state conferences Jointly develop evaluation and accountability Jointly plan with DESE content consultants Nonpublic Consultation Nonpublic Must consult (before submission of Must application) with all nonpublic schools that: application) – Reside in the attendance area of the public Reside school partners, and school – Have students in the grade span of the project, and project, – Who wish to receive federal funds Appendix D must be submitted for all that Appendix meet the above criteria meet Nonpublic Consultation Nonpublic To view the list of registered nonpublic To schools go to: http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/fedprog http://dese.mo.gov/divimprove/fedprog /financialmanagement/Nonpublicindex. html Use of Funds Use Content-focused academies On-going professional development Follow-up training that enhances content Follow-up understanding for improved student achievement achievement Provide in-class mentoring and coaching Use of Funds Use Develop a rigorous, standards-based Develop curriculum curriculum Create a professional development model that Create can be replicated around the state can Federal Regional Meetings Federal March 10-12, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois Hotel Room Rate: $149 single + tax per night Hotel Hotel, Transportation & Meals may be budgeted for 3 representatives of your grant for Hotel Reservation Deadline: February 9, 2008 Timeline Timeline Application Deadline - December 31, 2007 Grant screening and review – January 2008 Grant award notification/negotiation - January 18, 2008 Grant activities may begin - January 18, 2008 On-site Monitoring reviews - January-September 2008 Final Expenditure Report Due – October 30, 2008 Grant activities End - September 30, 2008 Project Evaluation Due – November 30, 2008 K- 6 Science Proposal: Double Click Icon Double 6-12 Mathematics Proposal: Double Click Icon Double Need Help!? Need Grant Craig Rector, Director Craig 573/526-3232 573/526-3232 [email protected] Mathematics Mathematics Cindy Bryant, Consultant 573/751-2625 [email protected] [email protected] Science Shaun Bates, Consultant 573/751-5386 573/751-5386 [email protected] [email protected] Thank You! Thank ...
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