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Unformatted text preview: AMS Career Day AMS On Mathematics, Science, Computers On and Information Management and By: Eda C. Meléndez-Colom My academic Background My BS BS in Agricultural Engineering Technology from Technology Cornell University Cornell BS in Computational BS Computational Mathematics from the Mathematics University of Puerto Rico Rico MS in Applied MS Mathematics from Mathematics Rutgers University Rutgers Why Ag. Eng. Technology? Why Civic Civic concern –Puerto Rican Economy Rican Combine it with my Combine love for mathematics love Originally interested Originally in Ag. Eng. in Lesson learned: Discovered that although I did not like Engineering, I like two other subjects, Ecology and computer programming Why Computational Mathematic? Why I knew, since High knew, School, that I love Mathematics Mathematics It turned out that I like It and was good in computer programming programming Lesson learned: one should study whatever one really feels a passion for...and is never too late to choose it Why an MS in Applied Math? Why A BS did not seem enough at BS the time the Good financial aid offer Interested in the applications Interested of mathematics rather than in its theory its I like numbers – counting like things (Combinatory) things Lesson learned: it is hard to be a mother, have a job, and study at the same time My Job Experiences My 1. System Analyst at Bell Communication System Research (BELLCORE) at in Piscataway, New Jersey New Essential academic background to do the job: programming concepts My Job Experiences My 2. System Administrator of the first 2. supercomputer at the University of Puerto Rico (Dept. of Mathematics, Natural Science Faculty) Natural Essential academic background to do the job: computer science programming concepts basic science concepts My Job Experiences My 3. Computer Science Instructor at the 3. Interamerican University (Fajardo, Puerto Rico) Puerto Essential academic background to do the job: computer science programming ...everything I learned about computers... and more... My Current Job My 4. Data and Information Manager at the 4. Institute for Tropical Ecosystems Studies (ITES) of the Natural Science Faculty at the University of Puerto Rico University Essential academic background to do the job: Programming Science, specially Biology and Ecology Mathematics My Current Job at ITES My An ad in a local newspaper Evolution of my responsibilities Evolution while always being a data manager manager What is ITES: ITES: Field Research ITES Teaching Annual Meetings And Student’s Research Presentation Several programs sponsored by: •National Science Foundation (NSF) •NASA •others Research at ITES Research Tropical Plant Ecology and Evolution Atmospheric chemistry, aerosols and climate Forest Ecology Tropical limnology and water resources management Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program (LTER) A World Wide Network of Scientists, students, ... LTER Program Mission LTER Share Share and preserve data for present and future generations future Understanding Understanding requires time requires nature Luquillo LTER Luquillo Studies Studies disturbance effect on the forest effect Water Vegetation Animals The Process of Data Management The Obtain data in the field Enter data in computer Get data on paper sheets Analyze data for quality control and assist in scientific conclusions LTER Information Management LTER Deposit Deposit data in computers that can be accessed by other people (Internet) people Document data – Document produce “METADATA” “METADATA” LUQUILLO LUQUILLO LTER WEB SITE: WEB Computer and Mathematical Knowledge Knowledge Need Need to know how to use a Data Base Management Program (e.g., ACCESS, Paradox) Paradox) To “retrieve” data To “manipulate” data To make calculations Application of Set Theory Knowledge Application Mathematical and Basic Scientific Knowledge Knowledge Transform data Assist researcher in data analyses Assist researchers in documenting their data Make data available in the Web: need programming Make skills Future of Information Management Future Need Need for IM will increase as more scientists realize the importance of data sharing – mandatory by some sponsors like NSF like Future of Information Management Future Sharing: Increases Increases everybody’s knowledge knowledge Necessary when Necessary collaborating doing cross-site comparison comparison Necessary for Necessary interdisciplinary projects projects Contact Information Contact My e-mail address: Thank you for your attention! ...
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