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Unformatted text preview: Common Core Standards General Information and Stakeholder Feedback Process Review of DRAFT v. 3-10-10 Common Core State Standards Michigan is participating in the Common Core Michigan State Standards Initiative. State CCSSO and NGA are working with states to CCSSO develop common core academic standards in mathematics and English language arts. 2 Standards Development Process CCSSO and the NGA Center with ACT, the College CCSSO Board, and Achieve have established the development, advisory, and validation process development, AFT, AFT, NEA, the Alliance for Excellent Education, the Business Roundtable, the Coalition for Student Achievement, the Hunt Institute, NASBE, and others support the initiative A National National Forum on Common Standards shared ideas, gathered input, and informed the initiative gathered A Standards Standards Development Group is defining and writing the common core state standards the 3 Standards Development Process A Feedback Group informs the work of the Feedback Development Group and provides input and guidance as drafts of the standards are developed guidance A Validation Committee ensures the standards are Validation research- and evidence-based; this group is neutral to and completely independent of the Standards Development Group Development Michigan is represented on both Feedback and Michigan Validation Committees Validation 4 Common Core Standards Provide a common definition of College and Provide Career Readiness (CCR) Career Provide a progression of content knowledge Provide and skill from Kindergarten to CCR and Define what students need to know and be Define able to do to be successful in entry level college courses and career training programs college Define what teachers must teach to prepare Define students for success beyond high school students 5 Common Core Standards (CCS) Are based on research and evidence from leading Are national organizations and high-performing states and countries and Provide benchmarks for common assessments Provide (state, national, and international comparisons) (state, Provide the basis for development of common Provide instructional resources and professional development strategies development Inform teacher preparation, certification, and Inform evaluation processes evaluation 6 Common Core Standards Adoption Michigan developed HSCE to define MMC Michigan requirements and CCR (2005-7) requirements MDE planned to vertically align GLCE (2004) and MDE HSCE (2006) in 2010-11 HSCE CCS provide vertical alignment from K to CCR CCS provide opportunities for cross-state CCS collaboration collaboration CCS represent a central theme in current and draft CCS federal legislation federal 7 CCS Review and Adoption Timeline K-12 CC released for public comment March 2010 MDE conducts web survey of K-12 CC and prepares MDE analysis for both NGA/CCSSO and State Board Final CCS released May 2010 Final SBE adoption June 2010 Update existing ELA and mathematics documents to Update indicate alignment with the common core standards Rollout common core standards and supporting Rollout materials August 2010 materials 8 11/11/11 8 MDE CCS Review Process Draft versions of the CCS documents are posted on the Draft Common Core Standards link at,1607,7-140--232021--,00.html,1607,7-140--232021--,00.html MDE has developed 9 surveys for field review of the MDE standards standards Stakeholders may choose to participate in any or all Stakeholders surveys surveys ISDs and professional organizations are encouraged to ISDs host group review sessions host 9 Suggested CCS Review Process Download and/or print the standards documents Print surveys for use in note-taking during review Access web survey using links provided on CCS Access page page Provide feedback by responding to survey Provide prompts prompts Encourage colleague participation in the Encourage feedback process feedback 10 Mathematics Surveys General Feedback Survey (Open to all stakeholders) Provide Provide general comments regarding CCS for Mathematics Mathematics Provide Feedback Specific to Grade, Concept, or Provide Domain/Progression (Open to those familiar with Open current Mathematics GLCE/HSCE and their implementation) current K-5 Mathematics 6-8 Mathematics HS Mathematics (CCR and STEM) 11 Mathematics CCS (CCR/CCK-12) (CCR/CCK-12) Mathematics The CCR standards for Mathematics are The organized by domain/concept/theme organized K-8 Mathematics standards are organized by K-8 grade level and domain/cluster/skill progression grade HS Mathematics standards are organized by HS CCR concept/theme, not course description (See Appendix A for ideas about course design) (See HS Standards that reflect STEM readiness are HS designated STEM designated 12 ELA / Literacy Surveys General Feedback Survey (Open to all stakeholders) Provide general comments regarding CCS for ELA and Provide Literacy in History/Social Studies and Science Literacy Provide Feedback Specific to Grade or Strand Provide 13 (Open to those familiar with current ELA GLCE/HSCE and their Open implementation) implementation K-5 Literacy (Across content areas) 6-8 ELA HS ELA (9 – 12 and CCR) 6 – CCR History/Social Studies/Science CCS for ELA / Literacy The CCR ELA/Literacy Standards provide the The organizing structure for the K-12 standards organizing K-5 Literacy standards are organized by grade K-5 level and strand and define literacy across content areas content 6 – 12 standards are divided to define 6 – 12 (CCR) for ELA 6 – 12 (CCR) for History/Social Studies and Science 14 Implications for Implementation Michigan Q and A document posted on Michigan MDE CCS site MDE,1607,7-140--232021-- 15 For more information Visit the Common Core State Standards website Visit pages to learn more: or or Subscribe to Common Core State Standards Subscribe updates at or the NGA newsletter at Find CCS information on MDE site,1607,7-140--232021--,00.html,1607,7-140--232021--,00.html 16 MDE Contacts Deborah Clemmons, Supervisor, Curriculum and Instruction MaryAlice Galloway, OEII Director MaryAlice Susan Codere Kelly, CCS Project Coordinator Susan 17 MDE Contacts Ruth Anne Hodges, K-8 Mathematics Consultant Dan LaDue, HS Mathematics Consultant Lynnette VanDyke, K-8 ELA Consultant Ruth Isaia, HS ELA Consultant 18 ...
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