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LINZ 2009 Geogebra for Pre Service Mathematics Teachers

LINZ 2009 Geogebra for Pre Service Mathematics Teachers -...

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Unformatted text preview: Geogebra for Pre Service Geogebra Mathematics Teachers Mathematics Dr. Olivia Gill University of Limerick Ireland Authors Authors Dr. Paddy Johnson, CEMTL, UL Mr. Tim Brophy, CEMTL Project Maths • • • • • New Mathematics syllabuses at Second Level – Sept. 2010 5 Compulsory Strands statistics and probability geometry and trigonometry number algebra functions Mathematics Education in UL Mathematics Mathematics Pedagogy/ Preparation for Teaching Practice • EM4004 (2nd Year) • EM4006 (3rd Year) EM4006 EM4006 3rd Year Students – Qualify 2010 36 lectures over one semester 4 hour lectures/workshops on GeoGebra Assessment • • • • Essays Seminars Workshops Teaching Portfolio to include at least 1 GeoGebra applet Sample Applets by Students Sample ...
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