Modern Biology and Applied Mathematics

Learning science intersection of biological cognitive

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Unformatted text preview: nce Intersection of biological, cognitive, Intersection computational, mathematical, physical and social science, engineering and education (issues- memory structure, machine learning, language, casual analysis, structure of disciplinary knowledge) disciplinary Neural basis of learning, symbol systems, Neural learning technologies, computational modeling (noninvasive tools to study the brain-MRI, PET, CAT) CAT) Genomics Analyses Genomics Protoemics- protein chips on slides of Protoemics- 1000s of proteins – detection, diagnosis and analyses’ and Sequencing –identify and order Sequencing nucleotides in DNA samples nucleotides DNA libraries- unordered collection of DNA cloned DNAs cloned Functional genomics, comparative Functional genomics, structural genomics genomics, Powerful Utility of Genomics and Proteomics Proteomics The lost of microRNA genes that normally suppress The chronic lymphocytic leukemia chronic The discovery that silent mutations are not silent; they The interfere wit...
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