Modern Biology and Applied Mathematics

Experimentation theory molecular analyses of complex

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Unformatted text preview: ation theory molecular analyses of complex systems handling massive data sets in genomics and handling proteomics- bioinformatics ;and the support by the intersectorial science, engineering and technology as in DNA nanotechnologies. technology Nanoscale Science and Technology Technology Can design and customize materials, products Can and tools- bioreactive- atom by atom and Conduct studies at the scale at which living and Conduct non-living matter meet, e.g., the study of nanoscale processes at the surfaces –between microorganisms and the physical world microorganisms Discover new links between biological, chemical Discover and geological cycles that support life on Earth and Learning Learning “Bright and Shiny ones and set of Dull Bright Ones’- Peter Sacks Ones’- Learning Research Learning How humans learn Interdisciplinary nexus of neurological, Interdisciplinary cognitive and behavioral sciences cognitive Social and physical contexts Science of Learning Scie...
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