Modern Biology and Applied Mathematics

They the interfere with normal splicing of mrna

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Unformatted text preview: h normal splicing of mRNA transcripts, e.g., phenylketonuria phenylketonuria The rapid identification of Swine Influenza virus (A/HINI) The as being composed of a hybrid genome – 3 sources as Genetic modifications of the organism that produces an Genetic important drug, e.g., important Full structural analyses of the HIV-1 viral infectivity Full factor factor TYPICAL GENE TYPICAL MicroRNA GENE Messenger RNA Messenger MicoRNA MicoRNA Directs protein Directs assembly assembly Protein Binds to messenger RNA Protein assembly is blocked New Age -System Biology New Genetics, genomics and proteomics – analysis Genetics, of genes and proteins that interact of Physical and biological chemistry-measure the Physical interactions interactions Imaging tools- to record where and when the Imaging interactions occur interactions Structural biology- to understand why and how Structural the molecules interact the Computational expertise- to integrate all the Computational above elements; build models above Thus, against the incomplete variable Thus, resident in learning outcome intent and application, the standards- anchored science and mathematics curriculuminstruction- assessment continuum , enabled with one overarching variable best correlates with student learning, the science and/o mathematics teacher, must break rank with the status quo and engage the present and future conjunction of biology and mathematics! biology...
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