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Unformatted text preview: dministers a ring-fenced amount of R10m per annum which Administers has been provided by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) since 2000 Technology At least 400 Research Grants have been awarded thus far There are 4 Research Themes – Ethnomathematics is funded in There one of the 4 Areas: one The production, transmission and utilization of indigenous The knowledge (IK) and technology knowledge The role of IK in nation building (Traditional Medicine & The Health; Indigenous Food Systems; Socio Cultural Systems – Indigenous Languages, Indigenous notions of Science and Technology; Arts, Crafts and Materials) Technology; IK at the interface with other knowledge systems Introducing IKS into the mainstream of education INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS: SOME DEFINITIONS knowledge – knowledge that is unique Indigenous knowledge is the local Indigenous to a given culture or society. IK contrasts with the international knowledge system generated by universities, research institutions and private firms. It is the basis for local-level decision making in agriculture, health care, food preparation, education, natural-resource management, and a host of other activities in rural communities. (Warren, 1991) and Indigenous knowledge is used synonymously with ‘traditional’ and ‘local’ Indigenous knowledge to differentiate the knowledge developed by a community from the international knowledge systems sometimes called ‘’Western’ system, generated through universities, government research centres and pri...
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