Herdboys interviewed a number elderly men in their

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Unformatted text preview: d a number elderly men in their 70s number This research disputed strongly some of the rules as This written by the South African War Games Union. For instance the rules relating to the end of the game – not 2 but 3 cows. but SOME PERSPECTIVES ON MORABARABA FROM INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE HOLDERS (ELDERS) It is neither a boys nor a girls game, both can play the It game game Morabaraba, even though used the most, is actually a Morabaraba, South Sotho name, the name in Setswana is Mmela South Historically, the game was drawn on a flat stone, at Historically, times on the ground times Measurement and Straightness of lines done through Measurement the bark of a shrub called ‘bokwetse’ the Estimation and Comparison of lengths of lines done Estimation using the Middle finger and Thumb using Rules of the game: A cow does not move on 3 legs, so Rules the game does not end when 2 tokens are left but rather when 3 are left when MORABARABA ON A STONE AT BASOTHO CULTURAL VILLAGE - QWAQWA TEACHER AND LEARNERS PLAYING MORABARABA GAME LEARNERS DISCUSSING MORABARABA GAME MORUBA: HISTORY AND BACKGROUND Mancala (Mankala) type games found in many parts of the world Mancala (Broline and Loeb, 1996). (Broline Mancala a generic name given by anthropologists to refer to a Mancala class of various board games (Ismael ,1997; Odeleye, 1997) class Various names used in different African countries: - Moruba: Limpopo (mostly the North Sotho speaking parts) Moruba: Province of South Africa Province - N’tchuva, Mpela, Thadji: Mozambique - Oware: Ghana - Ayo: Nigeria - Soro: Tanzania - Omweso: Uganda SOME PERSPECTIVES ON MORUBA FROM INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE HOLDERS It is predominantly a men’s game used during war, as a result no It women played the game as they were not allowed to go to war; men played it the most when they went to the mines in the Gauteng Province; However in recent days both boys and girls play the game play Moruba a social activity where men strate...
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