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Social activity where men strategised about a variety

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Unformatted text preview: gised about a variety of Moruba activities and events relating to men, also shared advise and ideas activities Language, Expressions and Terminology used during the game Language, even signify what happens when war takes place even Two-Row Version (called Semmeh in Limpopo Province) very Two-Row basic in the South of Africa although dominant in the North of Africa, Four-Row Version the most dominant version in the South of Africa of Players have to be extremely capable of quick calculations to know Players how many takes are available at which stage of the game how PLAYERS PLAYING MORUBA (FOUR-ROW VERSION)IN MANKWENG TOWNSHIP, LIMPOPO PROVINCE STRING FIGURE GAMES (MALEPA): HISTORY AND BACKGROUND The historical record of string figures in Africa dates The back to almost 100 years back Most of this work is found in Alfred Haddon’s work of Most 1906. This work refers to the pastime by Negro tribes, and most of these coming from Africa and In the research by Mosimege, reference is made by the In elderly that they used to play Malepa around the evening fires when they were young. This would at least be about 100 years ago. be Most of the participants at the workshops I have Most attended indicate how they used to play these when they were young they SOME PERSPECTIVES ON MALEPA FROM INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE HOLDERS Name and meaning of game: Even though it is Name generally known as “Diheke” because of the gates that appear on the string, the appropriate name is “Malepa” signifying the complexity of the manipulation the String as the Gates increase the Making of String from animal skin: Even though all Making kinds of strings are used today, the elderly used to make string from the skin of animals which they would kill as they were herding the cattle, or even from cattle and sheep skin and Games played around the fire in the evenings during Games story telling time by the Grandfathers and Grandmothers Grandmothers LEA...
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