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Study Guide for Mid-Term-1 - Study Guide for Exam 1 What...

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Study Guide for Exam 1 What does the word “canon” mean? Originally: reed. Then: rod. Then: rule/standard. *Authoritative , closed list of books, accepted as Holy Scripture. When had the Jewish canon been decided on? By 200 A.D. 377 A.D. Athanasius is the list we have now in that order. Was the concept of canon foreign to Christians in the first century? no How should the description of how the canon of the New Testament came into existence be described? It was decided through a handful of councils (Jamnia, Hippo, Catharge) that accepted them and then they had to pass the test of Canonicity. When was the Muratorian Canon published? It was published AD 150-200 How was the council of Hippo (393) and Carthage (397) related to the canon? They came together to officially accept the canons, not change them. How was the codex related to canon? ---- How many criteria were there for the test of canonicity? 3 criteria – Rule of Faith, Apostolicity, and Consensus. What does the “Rule of Faith” refer to? Conformity between the document and orthodoxy. What does the term “Apostolicity” refer to? Connected to an apostle. What does the term “Consensus” refer to? Document was widespread and continuous acceptance and usage by churches everywhere. What is the concept of a canon within a canon? ---- What does the word “inspired” (as it refers to Scripture) literally mean? God so moved the authors of scripture. Totally without error in the autographs (originals) in every area including theology, history, geography, and science. In the discussion on inspiration and inerrancy, what does the word “autograph” refer to? Originals The Bible is without error when it discusses what subjects? Theology, history, geography, and science. What was the type of inspiration that the professor says he believes in? Verbal, plenary view of Inspiration. What is the hardest part about determining the original text of the New Testament? **We have so much evidence that it takes forever to distinguish. OR: translations contain many mistakes (but never effects the doctrine). The Intertestamental Period refers to what/when? The time period between Malachi (400s BC) and AD 70. How would you characterize the Intertestamental Period? Struggle (political and religious), emergence of movements, hellenization, emergence of Christianity. Describe Alexander the Great?
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Study Guide for Mid-Term-1 - Study Guide for Exam 1 What...

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