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Unformatted text preview: Department of Probability and Statistics at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Informatics Overview of the Department Overview s Founded by Nickola Obreshkov in 1954 s Strong foundation in Probability Theory, Strong Stochastic processes and Mathematical Statistics Stochastic s Now we have Now – – – – s 4 Professors (D.Sci.) , Professors 6 Senior Research Associates (Dr), Senior 5 Research Associates (4 Dr), Research 3 Ph.D. students Ph.D. Head of the Department: Nickolay Yanev Department members Department Main Activities Main s s s s s Scientific Research in the area of Probability and Statistics Application and consulting in the area of Probability and Statistics Teaching at all university levels Organizing Regular International Conferences in Probability and Statistics Research Seminars on Probability and Statistics Department members Department Research Area Maroussia Bojkova Branching processes Branching Georgi Boshnakov Georgi Time series analysis and forecasting, Data analysis, Statistical ime eries nalysis nalysis, computing computing Mixed effects models for analysis of longitudinal and clustered data Mixed Actuarial mathematics Actuarial Applied probability Actuarial mathematics Probabilistic methods in asymptotic enumeration of combinatorial structures structures Extreme value theory, Financial mathematics Extreme Ralitza Gueorguieva Ralitza Vladimir Kaishev Nickolay Kolev Rossen Krachunov Ljuben Mutafchiev Ljuben Elisaveta Pancheva Elisaveta Blagovest Shishkov Valery Stefanov Eugenia Stoimenova Eugenia Vesela Stoimenova Vesela Nikolai Trendafilov George Yanev George Nickolay Yanev (Head) (Head) Applied probability, Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Applied Bioinformatics Computational Markov processes Markov Nonparametric statistics, Algebraic methods in statistics Nonparametric Branching processes, Robust statistics Branching Multivariate statistics, Data analysis Branching processes Branching Branching processes, Age-dependent immigration, Diffusion, Limit theorems, Renewal theory, Markov processes, Cell proliferation theorems Broad Areas of Research Broad s s s s s s s s Branching processes, Renewal and regenerative Branching processes processes Random processes, Extreme value theory Random graphs Probability measures and metrics, Limit theorems Statistical inference, Nonparametric statistics Biostatistics, Stochastic models in biology and Biostatistics, medicine medicine Time series analysis Financial mathematics, Actuarial mathematics Publishing Publishing We have published 18 books (6 abroad) and more than 400 papers in the best international journals like: papers like: sJ. American Statistical Association sStochastic Analysis and Applications Analysis sAnnals of sJ. of Statistical Planning and Inference Probability sTheory of Probability and Appl. of sJ. Applied Probability sAdvances in Applied Probability in sStatistics & Probability Letters sStatistics sAnn. Institute of Statist. Mathematics Institute sStochastic Models sJournal Applied Statistical Science sMathematical Methods in Statistics sMathematical Biosciences sLecture Notes in Statistics sand others Publishing (2004 – 2008) Publishing International Journals with Impact Factor Bulgarian Journals Conference proceedings 25 22 22 20 15 18 15 14 10 10 6 6 5 6 5 6 7 5 2 1 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Conferences Conferences Starting from 1974 the Department has organized s s s s s 13 International Summer Schools and Conferences on 13 Probability and Statistics. 7 seminars on Statistical Data Analysis seminars European Meeting of Statisticians, 1978 (Chair B. Penkov). First World Congress on Branching Processes, 1993 First (Chair N. Yanev). (Chair International Seminar on Stability, 2004 (Chair E. Pancheva). International Summer Conference on Probability and Statistics on Next: XIV ISCPS 2010, 2010, Sozopol Sozopol Research Seminars Two scientific seminars are carried out at the Institute, in which experts of the field from other institutions of science and studies participate as well. s s National Seminar on Probability and Statistics (N.Yanev) Seminar in Risk Management (E.Pancheva) (E.Pancheva) Expertise and Consulting Expertise The members of the Department take part in The members – – – – National and International Scientific Committees Scientific Committees Journal Editorial Boards Journal Board Expert Committees Committees Reviewing books and journal papers, etc. Reviewing International Projects (2004-2008) International Name Stochastic Models in Biology, ECONET’2006 Principal Investigator Cristine Jacob, N. Yanev, 5 participants Funding INRA, France N. Yanev, 7 participants from the department Academy bilateral agreement, Romania N. Yanev, 7 participants from the department Academy bilateral agreement, Russia Study of Smart Antenna Arrays for the Wireless Communication Networks B.Shishkov, 2 participants from the department Bulgarian-French Programme for joint scientific researches PAI "RILA" 2005. Random Combinatorial Structures: Asymptotic Enumeration Results and Limit Theorems L. Mutafchiev, 1 participant from the department Academy bilateral agreement, Israel Stochastic models of multiplication and summation Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Random Processes. Applications in Biology, Finance, IT and Industrial Technologies. Teaching Teaching The scientific research of the members of the The Department is always combined with education of Department PhD students, Master students and Bachelor students PhD at Bulgarian Universities and Universities abroad. at The members of the Department are defended 3 theses The for Doctor of Mathematical Sciences degree and 27 for PhD theses. On the other hand, the members of the Department On were supervisors of 23 PhD theses and more than were 110 Master Diploma Works. 110 PhD Students PhD Supervising Ph.D. students in mathematics with specialization 01.01.10 Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics Master Program in Applied Statistics Master In winter 2008 the Institute of Mathematics and In Informatics started a joint master program at New Bulgarian University Bulgarian sProgram of study: •Core curriculum of 15 courses •Written core exams •Projects, practice •Master thesis sDuration: 4 semesters sLeadership Leadership Statistics of the Department of Probability and Scientific Exchange s Many of the department members carried research Many department carried at foreign scientific centers: at – Moscow University, Moscow s Many leading foreign mathematicians visited the department over years: department B. Gnedenko B. Gnedenko L. Bolshev L. Y. Sinai A. Shirjaev Shirjaev V. Zolotorev Yu. Linnik Yu. Linnik K. Urbanik K. Urbanik I. Vince I. Vince D. Kendall J. Neyman J. Neyman E. Scott I.R. Savage, I.R. Savage C.R. Rao C.R. among others. among Additional Information A dditional V isit Visit ...
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