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Unformatted text preview: Self Questioning Strategies In Mathematics What Is Self Questioning? Self questioning is a learning strategy Self which can guide a learner’s performance of a task before, during, and after that task is completed. completed. Questions To Think About There are three basic steps in selfquestioning that may help you in order to questioning solve a math problem. solve Planning What kind of math problem am I solving? Have I ever done this before? Is there more than one problem to solve in Is this sentence? this Monitoring Am I using the proper strategy to solve this Am problem? (Addition, subtraction, etc.) problem? Am I leaving out anything important in this Am task? task? Am I making any mistakes? Evaluating How do I know that this answer is correct? Did I check my answer? Why should I feel that my answer is Why correct? correct? Self Questioning As A Regular Tool Self-questioning can be a beneficial strategy Self-questioning for understanding proper formulas to use when solving mathematical problems.The more you practice, the more you’ll love it! more THE END ...
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