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Final Exam Study Guide Filled Out - Study Guide for the...

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Study Guide for the Final Exam 1. John 8:32 says that “the truth will set you free” … but free from what? - Sin, bondage, to follow Christ. 2.Many are said to have believed in John 8:30-31. How do the following verses describe them? They’re described negatively: dishonest, ignorant, blasphemous. 3. What separates a fickle faith from an acceptable faith? Perseverance 4. What are the evidences the prove nothing regarding genuine salvation? Persevering continuance in the word of Jesus and in doing his word. 5. What are authentic fruits of Christianity? Love for God, Repentance from sin, Genuine humility, Devotio to God’s glory, Continual prayer, Selfless love, Seperation from the World, Spiritual growth, Obedient living. 6. How old was Jesus when he began his public ministry? 33 or 34 for 3½ years 7. When was Jesus born? 6-4 BC in the Spring or Fall (late 5 BC-early 4 BC) 8. Who came up with the modern timeline distinction? 9. What do “A.D.” and “B.C.” mean? - Anno Domini and Before Christ 10. Why would Caesar Augustus have wanted to take a census around 6-4 B.C.? - Herod was sick and there was a lot of turmoil. 11. During which part of the year was Jesus born? - March or September 12. Who was older: Jesus or John the Baptist? - John the Baptist 13. Where was Jesus born? - Bethlehem 14. How many gifts did the Magi give to Jesus? - 3 gifts 15. How many Magi were there? - Lots of magi 16. When did Jesus’ ministry begin? - The summer or fall of A.D. 29 17. How long was Jesus’ ministry? 3½ years (answered previously. No flash card) 18. In the garden of Gethsemane, did Jesus sweat literal drops of blood, or was his sweat like drops of blood? - Like drops of blood. 19. Who was the official High Priest for Jesus’ trial? - Caiaphas 20. Who was the person with a lot of power behind the scenes (but not technically the High Priest)? - Annas 21. What was the result of the religious trial? - Charged with Blasphemy 22. What was the general charge brought to Pilate? - Treason
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23. How does Sejanus play into the crucifixion of Jesus? - He was the reason Pilate began treating the Jews unfavorably, so he was less inclined to help Jesus because he had to make a good impression on Tiberius. 24. What were the three specific charges brought against Jesus? Were they true? - Sedition (Lie); Jesus failed to pay taxes (Lie); Jesus claimed to be King (Deceptive Lie) 25. What is the most severe type of flogging? - Verberation, 39 whips. 26. Were the authors of the Gospels trying to indicate that Jesus was innocent or guilty during the trials? - Innocent. 27. What part of the cross convicted criminals carry? - Patibulum, the horizontal part. 28. Were the feet always nailed from the front, from the side, or did it vary? - It varied
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Final Exam Study Guide Filled Out - Study Guide for the...

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