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Unformatted text preview: Scholarly Communications in Mathematics Mathematics Can the system survive? Forward: Click Journal Pricing Problems Journal in Mathematical Sciences Acta Applicandae Mathematicae Acta Acta Mathematica Scientia Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae Matematicheskie Issledovaniia Differential Equations Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Matematicheskii Sbornik Differential Integral Equations Sinica Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Mathematica Physica Mathematica Balkanica Differentsial'nye Uravneiia Sbornik. Mathematics Aequationes Mathematicae MATHEMATICA Mathematics Discrete Applied Journal Science China. Ser. A Algebra Analiz Mathematica Slovaca Diskretnyi Analiz Selecta Mathematica Algebra Mathematical Doklady. LogicLogic Quarterly: MLQ Semigroup Mathematics. Russian Academy Sciences. Forum Algebra Logika Mathematical Methods Statistics Employment Information Mathematical Sciences Sequential Analysis Mathematical Notes Algebra Universalis Functional Analysis Applications Siberian Mathematical Journal Mathematical Physics Analysis Algebras, Ekvacioj Funkcialaj Groups, Geometries Geometry Sibirskii Matematicheskii Zhurnal Mathematische Anales Instituto Matematicas Funktsional'nyi Nachrichten Soochow JournalAnaliz Prilozhenii Mathematics Analysis Mathematical Journal Mathematische Semesterberichte Georgian Statistical Papers/Statistische Hefte Analysis Mathematica Mitteilungen Mathematischen Gesellschaft Hamburg Graphs Combinatorics Statistical Theory Methods Abstracts CANCELLED Annales Sciences Mathematiques Quebec Moscow University Mathematics Bulletin Hardy-Ramanujan Journal Statistics Annals Global Analysis Geometry New Zealand Mathematics Magazine Hokkaido Mathematical Journal Statistics Decisions Combination Annals Mathematical Logic Nonlinear Analysis Integral Equations Applications Stochastic Analysis Operator Theory Click here to stopApplicable Analysis NUMERICAL ALGORITHMS International Journal Game Theory Stochastics Stochastics Report Applied Mathematics Optimization Numerical Functional Analysis Optimization Izvestiia Akademii Nauk. Ser. Sciences Systems Science Mathematical Mat. Applied Stochastic Models Data Analysis Optimization Izvestiia Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii Teoriia Veroiatnostei Primeneniia Order Archive Mathematical Logic Izvestiya. Mathematics. Theory Probability Mathematical Statistics Philosophia Mathematica Asymptotic Analysis Japan Journal Industrial Applied Mathematics Topologie Structurale/Structural Topology Pressures on the system Pressures Commercialization of STM publishing Commercial journals expensive, high inflation, Commercial high profits high Publisher consolidation Publisher Technology savings not reflected in pricing Technology Expanding amount of research Currency fluctuations Budget cuts at colleges/universities despite high Budget tuition tuition 1986-2002 Journals Inflation 277% --CPI 64% Effect on UW Libraries Effect Over 9,000 serial titles cancelled since 1995 cancelled Effect on UW Math Research Effect 160 serial titles cancelled since 1995 70 journals converted to online only $120,000 in 2003 $ recovered Fewer monographs purchased No new journals without cancelling another Math and CS Journals Math Average cost -- $1171 Inflated 33% since 2000 Expecting 9% price increase next year Highly Cited Publisher 2004 Price Appl. Math. Titles Impact Factor 1981-2002 SIAM J Scientific Computing SIAM $578 20.55 Comm. Pure Appl. Math. Wiley $2,650 19.63 Biometrika Biometrika $166 17.47 SIAM Review SIAM $282 16.39 Biometrics Blackwell $220 15.38 SIAM J. Computing SIAM $480 12.33 SIAM J. Numerical Analysis SIAM $508 12.21 Highly Cited Publisher 2004 Price Mathematics Titles Impact Factor 1981-2002 $250/ free online 19.1 $2,495 19.63 Annals of Mathematics Princeton Comm. Pure Appl. Math. Wiley Acta Mathematica Roy. Swed. $303 15.96 J. Different. Geometry Lehigh Univ. $637 13.59 Inventiones Mathematicae Springer $2,993 13.42 Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. AMS $300 11.98 Ann. Sci. Ecole Norm. Elsevier $424 9.74 Advances in Mathematics Elsevier $1,244 8.87 Highly Cited Publisher Impact 2004 Price Factor Statistics Titles 2002 J. Royal Stat. Soc. B Blackwell $264 1.816 J Am. Stat. Assn. ASA $480 1.669 Statistical Science IMS $110 1.475 J Royal Stat. Soc. A Blackwell $388 1.315 Statistics & Computing Kluwer $695 1.127 Annal of Statistics IMS $220 1.079 Biometrics Blackwell $220 1.077 J Royal Stat. Soc. C (Applied Statistics) Blackwell $264 1.069 Journal Information Journal Easy to find journal cost information for Easy Math/Stat Math/Stat Costs per page range from $.08 to $5.10 Info on Info Math Research Library’s home page Math Positives in Math Sciences Positives Community cares deeply about its literature Strong and successful societies Innovative, driven individuals—Rehmann, Kirby, Innovative, Knuth, Pitman, Birman, Dennis, Wegner, Burdzy Knuth, Many free alternative journals > 70 arXiv preprints European digitalization of journal back issues Your presence here today! The question The Academics write, peer review, and edit Academics their own literature already their Why pay Elsevier/Wiley/Kluwer/Springer to Why buy it back? buy Alternatives for Researchers Alternatives License distribution—keep copyright License Deposit all UW articles in institutional repository or subject archive—allows open access access Submit papers to reasonably priced and Submit archive friendly journals or peer reviewed alternative ones (senior faculty especially) alternative Open Archiving Open Deposit eprints—preprint and/or postprint Make it departmental norm; offer departmental Make support support Institutional archives—UW offers Dspace an open source MIT product arXiv, can overlay for departmental collection Both meet OAI standards for indexing, metadata Alternatives for Editors Alternatives Talk with your editorial board about pricing Talk and copyright issues and Meet with your publisher If refused, consider resigning together or If individually individually Consider moving journal to nonprofit publisher— society or university press, or establish new society open access journal open Open Access Models Open Gives readers open access to articles Author/home institution/grant/library pays Author/home model--$500-$1500 per article model--$500-$1500 Free model—most existing math titles Sustainable? Change the system Change Update UW tenure policies and practices Reward high quality over high quantity Validate publishing in alternative journals Support archiving as departmental norm Work with UW Libraries Work Support cancellation of low use journals Engage commercial publishers in the Engage conversation—be savvy consumers conversation—be Work to find satisfactory alternatives to Work commerical publishing commerical Join your colleagues nationally Faculty Senate resolutions Indiana University. Bloomington March 2, 2004 Bloomington Faculty Council passes resolution on the rising costs of Stanford University. February 20, 2004 Faculty Senate passes guidelines for Stanford libraries, faculty and departments regarding academic journals. University of Connecticut. February 9, 2004 University Budget Committee report to the University Senate and an initial response. Cornell University. December 17, 2003 Faculty Senate Resolution Regarding the University Library's Policies on Serials Acquisitions, with Special Reference to Negotiations with Elsevier University of California, Santa Cruz. October 24, 2003 Academic Senate resolution on ties with Elsevier Journal Pricing Problems Journal Affect Us All! END SHOW ...
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