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HPS 1430 Volleyball Betsy Weaver Offensive Systems 1. 4-2 The 4-2 offense has 4 attackers and 2 setters. It is an effective offense for inexperienced teams because it is easy to learn and makes the most of simple plays. The primary setter is the one in the front row while the other setter is placed opposite in the rotation. This ensures that there is always one setter ready in the front row. The 2 best hitters should also be placed opposite each other in the rotation. In the Standard 4-2, the setter sets from the middle front position. The attackers would then play as an outside and a right side. When the setter is not already in the middle front position due to rotation order, he/she would switch there immediately on the contact of serve. Most sets in this system are high requiring little timing between the setter and hitter. This is also a good offense to use for a team that does not possess strong passing skills as the accuracy of the pass is not so crucial. The International 4-2 moves the setter to the right front position to set. This alignment allows a stronger blocker/hitter to play the middle front position.
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Offensive%20Systems - HPS 1430 Volleyball Betsy Weaver...

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