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Trail%20Rules%20and%20Etiquette - • Announce yourself for...

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Trail Rules and Etiquette Trail Rules Violation of trail rules may result in a $1,000 fine and/or 30 days in jail. The trail is open to all non-motorized users. Motorized wheelchairs are also permitted. The trail is closed from dusk to dawn. Trail users must stay on trail. No trespassing on private property. Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and firearms are not allowed on trail. Vandalism and theft of trail amenities will result in prosecution. Reckless behavior that endangers other trail users is prohibited. No camping along trail except in designated areas. Trail Etiquette Yield to pedestrians. o Pedestrians always have the right-of-way. Keep right and pass on the left. o The trail is like a roadway.
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Unformatted text preview: • Announce yourself; for example, "On your left!" o Warn trail users as you approach from behind. • If you stop, get off the trail. o Always allow other trail users to pass on the left. • Report crime and maintenance problems to PATH. o Watch out for maintenance and security needs while on the trail. • Obey all signs and rules. o Stop at intersections. o Travel at safe speeds. o Keep right. • Keep the trail clean. o Don't litter. o Recycle trash on the trail. • Don't use the trail at night. o The trail is CLOSED from dusk to dawn. • Keep animals under control. o Keep pets on a short leash. o Walk pets on the right-hand shoulder. o Clean animal waste from the trail....
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Trail%20Rules%20and%20Etiquette - • Announce yourself for...

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