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3300 Behavioral Change Assignment Name: _______________________ Points: 25: Due: September. 8th, 2011 Instructions: (Type this assignment (single-spaced) and turn this sheet in with) 1. Identify the behavior that you would like to change in the course from either of the two perspectives (GSC, RealAge.com) you’ve had in this course so far. You are then to record a ‘baseline’ for how often you do or don’t do the behavior. You will record and graph your baseline behavior for 7 consecutive days. For Example: Day or Date Time(s) Where # of colas consumed (in 24 oz bottles) Monday 1230pm and 8pm work/home 2 Tuesday 1230pm work 1 Wednesday 1230, 730p work/home 2 Thursday 1230, 7pm work/home 2 Friday 1230, 5p, 9pm work/home 3 Saturday 1pm, 7pm home 2 Sunday 3pm home 1 So, total colas consumed in a 7-day period: 13 ( or a mean or 1.85 sodas per day!) MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE A 7-DAY AVERAGE OR MEAN. US EXCEL TO CHART, ANALYZE AND GRAPH
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Unformatted text preview: YOUR CHOSEN BEHAVIOR. number of sodas (24-oz. bottles) consumed 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 S u n d a y M o T e s W h r F i t number of bottles 2. Formulate a SMART goal for your behavior. So my goal is : By week 10 of the spring 10 academic term, I will reduce my soda consumption to 2 sodas/week 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. . All other times I will consume diet coke (caffeine free) in 8-oz cans. Break down and state why it is a SMART goal specifically: S = it is specific = 2 sodas/week or 1 on each weekend day M = it is measureable = I can and will journal soda consumption A = it is attainable = I can go from 13 per week to 2 per week R = it is realistic = yes = I have a proven behavioral track record T = it is time-specific = yes by week 10 of spring term...
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3300%20Behavioral%20Contract%20AssignmentName - YOUR CHOSEN...

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