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3300 Midterm review 1. Leading causes of death 2. Models of health 3. Public health achievements of 20 th century 4. Dimensions of health 5. Determinants of health 6. PER factors of health behavior 7. Models and theories of behavior – SCT, HBM, TTM 8. SMART goals 9. Loci of control 10. Behavioral change techniques 11. Barriers of behavioral change 12. Psychological health a. Factors that affect psychological health b. Symptoms of major depression 13. Mental health (Dr. Sean’s lecture) a. Epidemiology of b. Major types of mental health disorders and characteristics associated with each c. Eating and somatoform disorders – ED v DE, MDD, BDD 14. Just world theory and mental health stigma a. Ways to reduce stigma 15. General characteristics of just world study
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Unformatted text preview: a. Results b. Conclusions and implications 16. Interpersonal communications a. Kinesics b. Proxemics c. Gesticulations d. Trends among and between gender communications e. Interpersonal communication zones 17. Addiction a. Biopsychosocial model of addiction b. Process versus substance addictions c. Symptoms of addiction d. Codependents versus enablers e. Cycle of psychological addiction f. Major types of addiction and characteristics of each 18. Stress a. Types of stress b. Fight or flight responses – SNS, PSNS c. HPA axis d. GAS and stages within e. Bodies acute response to stress f. Physical symptoms of stress g. Techniques to fight stress...
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3300-mt1%20Fall%202011 - a. Results b. Conclusions and...

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