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Library Assignment 4 Informative Speeches: Sources, Style and Organization This assignment will require you to listen to several informative speeches. Please pay very special attention to the delivery--particularly how the speakers integrate sources into their speech. Follow the instructions: 1. Go to and login. 2. Click the MySpeech Lab option -- log in again. 3. On the left navigation bar click the “Multimedia Library” button. 4. A new page will pop up. At the bottom, under “Media Type,” check the “Watch” box. 5. Click “Find Now.” 6. Navigate to Chapter 7: a. Watch: Melissa Beall on Wikipedia as a Primary Source of Information (p. 160) b. Watch: Melissa Beall Discusses the Credibility of Online Sources (p. 165) 7. Navigate to Chapter 9: vii. Watch: Informative Speech: The Fru Gene (p. 215) 8. Navigate to Chapter 13: viii. Watch: Informative Speech: Brain Research of the Sexes (p. 316) In 1000-1500 words, discuss the following short answer questions. YOU MUST USE
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