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The Wicked Prince(ss) As you know, a wicked prince has taken over the land. This Prince wishes to do away with the royal advisors, citing overcrowding in the castle. Only three advisors will be chosen by the prince to live, and the rest will thrown to Trogdor the Burninator, the prince ʼ s pet dragon. A set of hearings will ensue, in which each advisor will have two to three minutes to plead for her/his life. If you drew a blank sheet of paper, you are an advisor. The paper is blank because you are a blank slate to the wicked prince. You must write yourself and your worth in this space. What makes you worthy of the space you take up, the air you breathe and the food you eat? You know you are worthy of life, but at this point, you must persuade someone else of this fact. The prince is not interested in your resume. You must argue from the standpoint of your ethos , your essence as person. Each of you has something to bring to this world--what is that thing, and how will you use style and language to express it? Simply saying “I
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