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Sources_Handout - Forums E-zines Suspicious “.org”...

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Primary Source Examples: Reputable news outlets: Associated Press USA Today New York Times Wall Street Journal TIME Magazine The Economist Expert Sources: Interviews with experts Academic Papers Government Reports Trade and or research reports Primary Sources Blacklist: 24-hour TV Entertainment Service: CNN(.com) FOX(.com) MSNBC(.com) Aggregate Site: Huffington Post (aggregate) E-how (aggregate) Online User-Generated Encyclopedia: Wikipedia Wikihow Any Other “Non-Expert” Source: Personal Blogs (ex. Glenn Beck; the Drudge Report)
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Unformatted text preview: Forums E-zines Suspicious “.org” sites IMPORTANT NOTE: Primary sources are considered “fact-based.” Not all sources need to be primary; we will learn that there are many types of support you can use. However, in order to increase credibility, at least 50-60 percent of your sources need to be primary. USE YOUR LIBRARY SERVICES (lib.ncsu.edu)! *Databases (EBSCO; LexisNexis) *E-books...
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