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COM 110-043 Introduction to Public Speaking Spring 2010 Instructor: Nathan Hulsey Office: Ricks Annex Phone: N/A Email: Class Meeting Times and Place: 12:25-1:15 MWF Winston, 213 Office Hours: By appointment (Mondays – Thursdays). Course Credit: 3 credit hours Student Learning Outcomes : The COM 110 course is an introductory foundational course for public speaking skills and portions of the Communication curriculum at NC State University. By the end of this course, a student receiving a C or better will be able to: 1. Understand the theoretical elements of the rhetorical situation in which public speaking occurs through speech creation, delivery and audience analysis. 2. Advance and verbally articulate well supported arguments through research, reasoning, and delivery of speeches. 3. Deliver speeches that demonstrate competency in speaking performance through stylistic techniques. 4. Construct self evaluations revealing competent critical listening and thinking skills 5. Tailor appropriate, respectful and suitable messages demonstrating ethical persuasive choices. In accomplishing these objectives students will gain the foundational knowledge and skill set needed to further advance delivery, research, and oral argument competency for academic and public presentations. Required Texts: David Zarefsky, Public Speaking: Strategies for Success 6 th edition Christina Moss, Introduction to Public Speaking E-Handbook , Pearson Publishers. Access to e-book is available in the campus bookstore. My Speech Lab , Pearson Publishers Access to this may be obtained through Pearson publishing or the campus bookstore. COM 110 Assignments Introductory Speech 5% One Point Speech 10% Informative Speech 10%Persuasive Fact Speech 15% Persuasive Policy Speech 20% Self Evaluations (3) 5% Midterm Exam 10% Final Exam 15% Homework and Participation 10% 100% A detailed description of all speeches and assignments is available in your e- handbook. See “General Student Grade Form” Grading Scale: The following scale will be used to issue grades at the end of the semester: A+ = 100-98, A = 97-94, A- = 93-90; B+ = 89-88, B = 87-84, B- = 83-80; C+ = 79-78, C = 77-74, C- = 73-70; D+ = 69-68, D = 67-64, D- = 63-60; F = 59-below. Assignments and Exams (Further information regarding the description and grading of assignments are detailed in the student e-handbook)
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Speeches The majority of your grade will be determined by speaking assignments. You will present five speeches over the course of the semester. Speech of Introduction (5%) In this assignment you will interview and introduce a member of your class. Your job is to introduce this person and give them credibility according to areas of their “expertise.” Through your interview you need to determine an area of information about which your classmate has informed knowledge or experience. This speech is 1-3 minutes in length. Informative Speeches: One Point Speech (10%)
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Syllabus - 0043fall2011 - COM 110-043 Introduction to...

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