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Recitation 4 Question 1 Consider the molecules: N 2 H 2 , N 2 H 4 , (CN) 2 and HNCH 2 1. Apply the Lewis assumptions to determine the electrons required to fulfill the octet rule, the actual number of valence electrons, the total number of electron pairs, the number of electrons pairs that must be shared and the number of lone pairs for each molecule 2. Draw all possible Lewis structures and determine which structure minimizes the formal charge requirement best 3. Determine the bond order for all bonds 4. Determine the oxidation states for the three elements
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Unformatted text preview: Question 2 Consider the ions NO 2-, HCO 3-, SO 3 2-and POCl 2 + 1. What is the name for the first three ions? 2. Do a Lewis calculation for each species 3. Draw possible Lewis structures 4. Determine which structure minimizes the formal charges 5. Are there any Lewis structures related by symmetry? 6. Determine the bond orders for all bonds. How do symmetrically equivalent Lewis structures (aka “resonance structures”) affect the bond order?...
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