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E 115 Due Dates and Times E 115 Fall 2011 Page 1 When Your E 115 Assignments Are Due: In Moodle, an assignment may appear to be open for longer than your class actually occurs. Regardless of the time that the assignment is open for, according to Moodle, you will use the information below when determining exactly when a particular assignment is due. If there are any specific questions, they should be directed to your Lab Instructor. In Class Assignments: By the end of class that day. There is at least a 30 minute time limit on In Class assignments that will start once you have opened the assignment. In Class assignments should be complete during class not before and not after. Ex: I am in section 002, so my In Class is due by 12: 05 pm. If I open it at 10:30 am, I will only have until 11 am to complete it which is unwise since I will not know any of the answers that are on it. Homework Assignments:
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