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final project - E 115 Fall 2011 Final Project Premise You...

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E 115 Fall 2011 Final Project Project Fall 2011 Page 1 Premise : You have just inherited You-flix (similar to Netflix – feel free to change the name). Thankfully your business has taken off and you are in charge of about 25 clients. You must make an Excel sheet to save all of your data (consisting of about 3 tabs) and create a web site (consisting of about 3 pages) to promote and maintain your company. Follow the instructions below: Part 1: MS Excel (50 points) Copy the file project_template.xlsx from the common/assignments/project folder of the E 115 website. Format each tab in the spreadsheet to have center aligned and text, 12 point font of your choosing and that all cells are formatted appropriately to their contents. Headings should have bold and underlined text. Edit the file to include the following information (feel free to add columns as needed): 1. Tab 1: Inventory – This tab will be a list of the movies you have currently in your inventory. You must have at least 5 individual movies per genre (see below). You should also name this tab and color it your favorite color. a. Title - Feel free to use real movies or create fictitious ones b. Genre - Choose 3 from the following list: Horror Action Drama Romance Comedy Documentary Foreign Science Fiction Western Family Independent Animated Sports Short films Musical Silent c. Year Released – Feel free to use actual or fictitious ones
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final project - E 115 Fall 2011 Final Project Premise You...

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