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XHTML Create an index.html file in your www directory. Content should be appropriate for any viewing audience, even your grandmother. Instructions 1. Include a title for your page (using both the title tag and a header) 2. 2 paragraphs (5 - 7 sentences each): One that contains your name, year and major and why you chose your major; if you are not yet decided… write what are you leaning toward. Another paragraph should talk about your favorite break from school. You can talk about your spring break, winter break, or summer break. Remember to keep topics appropriate for school. 3. A picture link to your favorite website along with a text link to your second favorite website. 4. An ordered list of how to make your favorite sandwich, include at least 5 steps. 5. A table of your classes this semester and what your expected grade is. 6. One image related to your favorite break choice (must be appropriate for school). Remember
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Unformatted text preview: to save images in your www folder and reference them that way for credit. In order to ensure that you receive full credit for this assignment, follow these guidelines: • Do NOT use an HTML editor (Front page, Dreamweaver, etc.) or a word processor. Use ONLY a text editor (Text Wrangler, Notepad, etc.). • Do NOT use any formatting, colors or non-required attributes. Formatting will result in a deduction of points. • Create a web page that meets the above requirements (#s 1 – 6) and does not include more. You are welcome to create other pages and put them in your www space as long as they are not named index.html . Make sure that you can view your web page on your NCSU provided web space (www4.ncsu.edu/~unityid ). Submit your index.html code to the appropriate place. You do not need to submit this document....
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