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E 101: Date Subject Readings for this day Assignments, etc. August 18 (Week #1) 1 1 th Annual College of Engineering Welcome McKimmon Center Aug. 22-26 (Week #2) Introduction to Engineering Statics—IPOD analysis Engineering grand challenges, greatest achievements of the 20 th century, projects Assign: Resume In class: Stress calculation problems Aug. 29-Sept. 2 (Week #3) The practice of engineering Thermodynamics— Penguins, snowman [ESH] First Year Engineering Due : Resume(a) In class: Thermo analysis Sept. 5-9 (Week #4) No E 101 Class Labor Day Week Sept. 12-16 (Week #5) Problem Solving Fermi estimation, algorithms [ESH] CSC Computer Science WEB] Design Projects Assign: Degree Plan In class: Fermi estimation problems Sept. 19-23 (Week #6) Science in engineering Chemistry—tea bag design/caffeine half life Circuits—LEDs and energy consumption [ESH] CBE [ESH]
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