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E_101_Syllabus_2011_Fall_ - E 101 Introduction to...

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E 101: Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving College of Engineering Fall 2011 Instructor: Laura Bottomley Office: 118 Page Hall Phone: 919.515.3263 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment Class Meetings: Section 23: Thursday, 10:15a – 12:05p Section 16H: Thursday, 12:25p – 2:15p 353 Daniels Hall 341 Daniels Hall Engineering Ambassador (EA): Undergraduate engineering students, Engineering Ambassadors , will assist the instructors throughout the course. Contact the EA for all issues regarding attendance, grade book administration, and assignment submittal/return. Section 23: Stephen T West, [email protected] , Sophomore, Aerospace Engineering Section 16H: Emily Darr, [email protected] , Junior in Biological Engineering, Conc Environmental **Please use ‘E101 Section X’ in the title of any email communications to the EA or Instructor. Course Prerequisites This course is open only to first year students in the College of Engineering. Goals and Objectives This course is designed to introduce students to the field of Engineering. Students will integrate teamwork, problem solving, and verbal communication skills into problem solving, design and a semester design project in such a way that these skills become the foundation of a successful engineering career. Early understanding of these skills will assist students throughout their undergraduate experience and beyond. Course Materials Engineering Student Handbook: [ESH] Koehler, B.D., Robbins, M.C., & Lavelle, J.P. Engineering Student Handbook 2009-2010, Tavenner Publishing Co . Course Website: [WEB] Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving, http://courses.ncsu.edu/e101
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E101 Syllabus Fall 2009 College of Engineering – First Year Engineering Program: [COE] First Year Engineering Program: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/firstyear E101 Student Learning Outcomes By the end of the semester, students will be able to: work in teams to solve and present engineering problems, apply a structured design process to develop a working model,
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