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I. Deviance II. Crime A. Definition B. Components of crime 1. Actus reus 2. Mens rea III. Social Control IV. Types of Crime A. Street Crime 1. Part I Offenses a. 4 Violent b. 4 Property B. Suite Crime 1. White Collar 2. Corporate C. Other Types Crime 1. Public Order (“victimless”) Crimes 2. Organized Crime 3. Hate Crimes V. Measuring Crime A. Uniform crime Report (UCR -- FBI) B. Victimization Surveys (National Crime Victimization Survey -- NCVS) C. Self-Reported Studies (National Youth Survey (NYS); National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLSY) D. Street Criminal Profile 1. Gender 2. Class 4. Age a. “aging out” b. chronic offenders VI. Criminal Justice System
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Unformatted text preview: A. Due Process B. Police C. Courts 1. Philosophies of Punishment a. Retribution b. Deterrence c. Rehabilitation d. Incapacitation (Societal Protection) D. Corrections 1. Community 2. Institutional VII. Theories (if time) A. Functionalist B. Social Conflict 1. Deviance & Power (or powerlessness) a. Power to define & to resist a deviant label b. Powerful define what is and who are considered deviant, delinquent, &/or criminal (d/d/c). c. Resources to resist labeling d. Laws seen as legitimate & as consensus. ..not as the products of political & moral action. 2. Deviance and Capitalism C. Interactionist & Labeling...
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LEC_SOC_203_OUTLINE_CH6_DEV_CRIME - A Due Process B Police...

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