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Introduction to Social Problems I. What is Sociology? II. What is culture? III. Sociological perspective IV. Sociological Imagination (C. Wright Mills, 1959) V. Define social problems A) Difference between a personal and a social problem. B) Social-constructionist approach C) Process by which issues become problems 1. 2. Social movements VI. Eight Guiding Assertions VII.Global perspective Sociological Theories I. What is theory? II. What is a theoretical approach? III. Three Major Theoretical Approaches A) Structural-Functional Approach B) Social-Conflict Approach C) Symbolic-Interaction Approach
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Unformatted text preview: Research Orientations & Conducting Research I. Positivist A) Wheel of Science 1. Steps in Sociological Research a) Topic b) Previous Knowledge/Research c) Hypothesis(es) d) Time & Money e) Ethics f) Method/Design g) Data Collection h) Analysis i) Conclusions j) Sharing Your Research B) Measurement 1. Concepts 2. Variables a) Independent b) Dependent c) Control C) Criteria for Causation 1. Time Order 2. Correlation 3. No spurious relationship D) Research Methods 1. Experiments 2. Surveys 3. Observation a) Participant b) Non-participant 4. Archival 5. Policy Evaluation...
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